«ASIA BUKHARA» 93 rooms

The Hotel “Asia-Bukhara” is a part of a hotel network of Hotels Asia in Uzbekistan which is also popular in Fergana and Khiva. In several minutes of walking from Hotel are located monuments of architecture of ancient Bukhara which were erected at 12-16 eyelids.


Hotel «Grand Bukhara» is located in the administrative center of the city of Bukhara. The hotel is built in the style of luxury and is one of the best 4* hotels in Bukhara and after its reconstruction began operating in late 2008.

« SIYAVUSH HOTEL» 30 rooms

Siyavush hotel is a Bukhara style city hotel offering breakfast and accommodation in the Old city of Bukhara, just 5 minutes walk from the heart of the city – Lyabi-Khauz. All our efforts go into providing you with stylish, luxurious bedrooms with every comfort you might require.

«OMAR HAYAM» 22 rooms

The Hotel “Omar Khayyam” situated in the heart of a trading part of old Bukhara. The Hotel is close located from one of architecture masterpieces – the minaret Poi Kalyan.


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